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Sun Glare

Elite Sun Solutions Solar Window Tint will reduce Sun Glare.

The most obvious way to deal with sun glare is to limit the amount of light entering into your eyes. Our eyes can adjust by making the pupil smaller but exposure to extreme brightness or sun glare for too long can cause the eyes to strain, eventually leading to headaches or severe migraines. Increased exposure to the sun can also lead to cataracts (clouding of the eye lens, which leads to blurred vision) later in life. The suns harmful rays can seriously bring damage to your eyes and surrounding skin. Here at Elite Sun Solutions, we care about the effects of the sun and your skin, which is why all of the window films that we carry have been sealed through the Skin Cancer Foundation of approval. Home window film is not only energy efficient, it is a great way to prevent fading of flooring, furniture, artwork and family photo's, while minimizing the glare to make your home a more comfortable environment without loosing your view.

Now that we know how to protect ourselves, lets not forget how important it is to keep our children and family safe from the dangers of the sun as well. Infants and children are more prone to sun damage because they have thinner skin. Being outdoors with your baby or child requires special precautions considering their skin burns much more easily. Due to the sunlight coming through, the same thing goes for being next to a window in your home or while driving in your car. We have provided a link for some helpful tips in protecting your baby against the sun before going outside. Shading only provides partial protection when down against UV rays and or heat. Elite Sun Solutions is one of the only companies that has window tints which have two layers of 99.9% UV protection.

Having Elite Sun Solutions install window film and window blinds and treatments for your house will benefit you and your family for years to come. So look no further! You have found a professional company to service your window tinting, solar shade, wood shutters and honey comb blinds needs for any size job. Give us a call for your FREE ESTIMATE and to see how we can help you start saving money today.